Fillers are ‘gel-like’ cross-linked synthetic materials made up of Hyaluronic acid (a natural component of our own skin that can be synthesised). They can restore & revolumise skin & facial contours to form a more youthful appearance and are longer lasting than Botox. They can also smooth lines and wrinkles, firm key facial structures and define the shape of certain structures e.g. lips. Static lines and volume loss are best treated with dermal fillers. On average, dermal fillers can last anything between 6-18 months depending on product, depth injected, area treated, body metabolism of product and environmental factors such as heat.

Hyalasing is available in our clinic. This is done to correct the previous badly done fillers. Many who go to dodgy practitioners for cheaper filler treatments end up having lumps. This can be corrected by using hyalase injection, which comes in ampoules.